PA8W Amateur Radio              

Some PA8W RDF builds by other amateurs

Florida: RDF43 with RDF-Mapper using a preamped array:


Walter, DC5SL built this lovely RDF42:


Gerton, PD0G built this beauty of an RDF41:


NCI-folkestone is a coastal observation post run entirely by volunteers.

They enhance and support the work of the coastguard using optical instruments and radio equipment.
To do that, they added a V2,3 doppler to their toolbox.
As they don't have a electronic engineer in their crew I built a plug and play RDF for them including the ready to use VHF array.

The array dictates the size of the shipment and luckily the necessary box size was just within the (100x50x50cm) max size permitted to send by international mail.

And here's the RDF in the station's console:

They claim an accuracy within about 2 degrees which is extremely good for a 4 antenna doppler.

However, a more ideal environment is hard to find, as this is what they see from their observation post:

The station building is one of the many observation post built for WW2, now adapted for purely peaceful purposes.

It feels good that I was able to help them realize their doppler Radio Direction Finder.




Kristjan from Estonia:


Jeroen PD0JRN built the following beauty:


Other Builds: